Ann Silver. She’s intelligent, well-connected, and highly regarded by her peers—the best cop most people have never heard of. Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver is content to avoid the limelight and just do her job. She spends her life assisting other cops on tough cases, enjoying time with close friends, and writing their stories. Then she crosses paths with Paul Falcon, and she’s suddenly on unfamiliar ground. He’s after a romance and something permanent, and he’s determined not to let her secrets keep them apart.

Paul Falcon. The FBI’s top murder cop, he’s as determined and fiercely driven as they get on the job. His personal life is absorbed by the sprawling Falcon family enterprise. And privately—he’s looking for someone to share his life. He knows when he meets Ann Silver she’s worth a second look, and she’s soon got his serious attention. It’s a good thing he’s used to handling pressure and being pulled in several directions at once, for Ann’s secrets are going to rock both his professional and personal life. In one intense summer a national secret is going to be exposed, a killer is going to be identified, he’s going to get a lead on a lady shooter he’s been after for years, and he’s going to fall in love.

The Lady Shooter. A hired gun, she’s patient, calculating, and elusive—responsible for a string of murders that have raised her high up on the FBI’s most wanted list. Though she’s been careful about leaving a trail, Ann Silver’s found a thread that leads right to her, and Paul Falcon is pursuing hard. She’s going to have to make a choice—eliminate the threat, try to run, or find a way to use what she knows to her advantage. She’s holding the secrets of powerful people who have reason to want her dead, and her time to act is closing fast.

Dee Henderson.  She is a bestselling, award-winning author of 16 novels, mostly inspirational romantic suspense stories. Romances because relationships are the most important part of life; suspense because she doesn’t like to be bored by a story; and inspirational because she thinks the most interesting part of life is why you believe in God or why you don’t, and what your questions are. And she may or may not bear a striking resemblance to Ann Silver, with her degree in engineering, love of pink roses, solving puzzles, taking long walks with God, staying up late, Coca-Cola as the beverage of choice—and middle name Ann. Get Full Disclosure for the full inside scoop.