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Dee Henderson's Full Disclosure book review

FBI agent Paul Falcon is investigating a cold case involving a female assassin when Ann Silver, a homicide investigator based in the Midwest, visits him to drop off a case file that may pertain to his investigation. It’s a brief meeting, but it has a strong effect on Paul, who begins to pursue Ann. She’s not ready to settle down though, since she’s content with her life and with being single. Not to mention the secret she’s harboring.

VERDICT Henderson’s fans have been waiting five years for this new thriller, but they may be disappointed. Though the characters are strong and the romance is intriguing, too much time is spent on the backstory, which slows the story down. Still, Henderson fans are a loyal bunch who will clamor for this title. Those who find themselves on the waiting list might enjoy Irene Hannon or Kathy Herman. [125,000-copy first]
Library Journal on Full Disclosure

“Solid storytelling, compelling characters…Highly recommended.”
Library Journal on The Negotiator

“Henderson is an expert in romance.”
Publishers Weekly on The Truth Seeker

“Henderson’s writing can have a magical quality that keeps readers turning the pages…”
Publishers Weekly on The Healer

“Henderson’s writing is the envy of a lot of evangelical writers for its gritty and convincing detail.”
Booklist (“Starred” review) on True Valor

“Henderson has steadily built a name for herself…intriguing…insightful and probing.”
Publishers Weekly on God’s Gift


Advanced Reader Reviews



Amber McCallister with Radiant Lit


Full Disclosure is a romantic thriller that lives up to both of those terms in a pulse-pounding, spectacular fashion. FBI agent Paul Falcon inexplicably meets a cop named Ann Silver who not only intrigues him professionally by giving him the best lead he has come across on an old, high profile case, but deeply touches him on a much more personal level as well. Not only has Ann Silver, given Paul a jewel of a lead for this case that even the FBI Director is eager to close, but she has piqued Paul’s interest like no other woman has. She gets him thinking more and more about his life and what he truly wants it to become.

While a romance is blooming between Paul and Ann, there is plenty of action and mystery that is taking place around them. Not only is Paul chasing down this new lead which takes a fruitful turn in the investigation to the delight of his superiors, but he is also thrown a unique and dangerous proposition by one of Ann’s friends. He is pulled into another investigation that will have more of an impact on his life than he ever thought possible. While Paul can’t stop this house of cards from falling once he pulls out the first card, will he be able to make the right decisions when it comes to not only his job but also his heart?

This story delves into the world of the FBI and law enforcement. You get to see the day to day activities of what these talented and courageous people do. You see them at their best and at their worst. You come to admire them in a way that you never have before. You admire their tremendous heart and their unwavering sense of duty and loyalty to their fellow officers and those they have sworn to protect. You will never look at them the same way again after reading this book – at least I know I won’t.

Full Disclosure was an unexpected treasure and joy to read. I was so pleased to see such a positive focus on family and faith throughout this story as they are the true foundation of our lives. I was also delighted by the positive light in which law enforcement was shown. It was such a breath of fresh air to see police officers, FBI agents, etc. appreciated for their talent, their dedication, and their heart for doing their job of protecting the people they have taken an oath for.

While enjoying every aspect of this story, I was amazed to discover that overall, the theme that touched me the deepest was one of hope. Throughout the pages of this book, hope was written in every word, it was lived by every character, and it was painted in every scene. There is hope of a brighter tomorrow, a better life, and the birth of something wonderful and new if we only have the courage to grab it and hold on for the ride.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an edge of your seat thriller that also tugs at your heart and yet leaves you with an indescribable and undeniable hope that will fill your heart and lift your spirit.

Rated PG-13: I chose this rating as there are references to violence in relation to cases that the police and FBI investigated.


Melissa VanderBush

Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure is a wonderful and thought provoking novel. For fans who love the O’MALLEY series and UNCOMMON HEROES series, a real treat awaits as Dee weaves threads of past characters throughout her new book. Within the first few pages, readers are swept into a completely new story, but given tidbits of past character “friends” whom many fans have thought of time and again over the past several years. They’re not only still here, but brought into the story in such a surprising and unexpectedly satisfying way.

Full Disclosure is unlike Dee’s other books as she brings the investigative work and details to a new level. She has researched well, and the dialogue and narration lend confidence and competence to the main characters, without Dee having to describe them as such. The story walks straight into the heart of the main characters qualities: failures and weakness alike. The reader will find themselves being carried along with these characters, rather than sitting on the sidelines being spoon fed a storyline with a predictable ending.

Readers will come to wait on Paul as Ann does, to see where he leads. Readers will come to wait with Ann as she struggles, to see how God works in her life. And while one knows it will work out in some way, for once, it’s not so clear if it will work out in the way that most stories do, whole and complete with pretty packaging and bow slapped on top. The onlooker will struggle with the characters, and if they’re like me, may not always understand each and every part of them. It’s what makes them so real. The characters of Ann and Paul are gems: real, multidimensional, and solid.Read Full Disclosure and learn that Dee is back, not just with another great book, but with old friends, a storyline full of new characters that could become cast for future books, and a gift. In the novel, Dee nods at the title by sharing pieces of herself with her fans in the text, wondering throughout this fiction novel where Ann begins and Dee ends. It is a joy to have Dee back. It is a greater honor to be entrusted with a book that shares parts of her life as she never has before. Fans will feel pulled in as a sort of Honorary O’Malley. They will think about the characters, even after the last page has been turned. A good book shouldn’t make you care so much. But a great book, should.



Margaret Bentley

Just finished my advance copy of Full Disclosure through Library Thing. When Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver gives FBI agent Paul Falcon the best lead that he’s had in a decade on a serial killer, she also causes him to reconsider his decision to never marry a cop. Both Paul and Ann cautiously approach their budding romance. Can she trust him enough to share her secrets? Can they adjust to each other’s differences and still share a life? This book is slower paced thanthe O’Malley’s series (whose characters make brief appearances) and at times seems autobiographical. It is stil a good read with a satisfying ending and an interesting twist in solving the murders. It’s good to have Dee Henderson back!


Gwenn Henderson Ever

Like water to a thirsty land, Full Disclosure finally ends the drought of Dee Henderson books! Remaining true to the O’Malley style, Full Disclosure introduces strong new characters interwoven with the people Henderson fans have grown to love. Definitely a page-turner, it’s a welcome reminder of the author’s God-given skill and talent. Welcome back, Dee – we sure have missed you!



Hannah Lunsford

Just received/finished my ARC of Full Disclosure! I was so excited when it came in the mail and immediately started reading. I was thoroughly spellbound from the first page to the last, finishing it on the same day it came. It was so intriguing the way Dee Henderson was able to weave her previous characters and even quotes from her previous books within this new release. Also, the plot was compelling and refreshingly new.
I am so happy that Dee Henderson finally came out with new material and I must say that the wait was certainly well worth it. It was such a pleasure to be able to read it and I know that it will find a home amongst all of my favorites, beside all of Dee’s other works of course :)



Jacque Almodovar

I recently finished the advanced reader’s copy of Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure. It took me a few chapters to really get into this book because I kept going back to previous pages to make sure I wasn’t missing any details. I was amazed at how well Dee integrated characters from her previous books into this one. I have missed the O’Malley characters, especially, and it was heartwarming to revisit their lives.

As always, the romance was interesting to follow. My heart went out to Ann Silver as she struggled to allow herself to love and be loved. However, it all boiled down to the Lord and His plans for Ann and Paul, which you will find out once you read the book.

So many before me have delved into the plot of Full Disclosure, so I will just comment that I thoroughly enjoyed the suspenseful plot Dee wove together. She is amazing. As I came to the end of the book, my eyes filled with tears. Dee, I am so very thankful the Lord has healed you enough to share more of your exceptional talent with your many fans. I can hardly wait for you to release your next book!!! :0)




Amanda Plake Davis

I finally got to read my ARC of Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure. Being one of many fans who were practically stalking Dee online trying to find out where she disappeared to, I was extremely excited about her return to the published world. Full Disclosure is a delight for a true Henderson fan. Beloved characters from the other books pop up throughout the novel, but they don’t disrupt the storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Dee, don’t be a stranger now – we don’t want to wait this long for the next page-turner!



Cynthia Magruder

Thank you for the advanced reading copy of Full Disclosure. Amazon would not let me post a review since it has not yet released. I did post to an Amazon forum previously started by some other Full Disclosure readers. Here’s a link to my blog review:


Diane Shomler Jaremko


A long awaited novel that delivers a good storyline while adding in values and offering hope.

The story of Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver and FBI Special Agent Paul Falcon hits the ground running and doesn’t slow down until the final pages. When a new investigation sparks up a cold case, MHI Silver and Agent Falcon’s lives begin to slowly weave together, adding a romantic element to a detailed and fast-paced plot. Though the investigation becomes more puzzling as past events begin to align, deep layers of both main characters are revealed, exposing real-time human struggles and fears. In a world where we know the darkest hour is before the dawn, MHI Silver and Agent Falcon are excellent examples of why faith in a powerful God is necessary to navigate life’s events.
Another satisfying up-all-night read by Ms. Henderson.  Thank you for the Advanced Readers Copy.


Victoria Paige Sanchez

Just finished reading my advanced readers copy of Full Disclosure. The book is wonderful. I so enjoyed reading Paul and Ann’s story. I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. It’s been a long time to have a new book from Dee Henderson I hope it won’t be so long for her next book.


Vicky Gastineau

Sheeeeee’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After five long years of missing Dee Henderson’s writings and hoping she will write again, she has. I was one of the lucky ones to get a ARC of Full Disclosure to read and review.
It was well worth the wait for her to write another book-thoroughly enjoyed it. It was her typical suspense and romance book with both characters in the police field. Ann Silver who is a Midwest homicide investigator that brings a lead on a serial murder case to Special Agent Paul Falcon and the evidence is just what he needed to restart the cold case. But can the two of them work together without getting romantically involved? Ann has lots of secrets and a lifetime of hiding them and will Paul be willing to find them out. Must read to find out the answer to that question. What struck me the most throughout the book was the references to the characters in her previous books. That way you could read this book without having read the O’Malley series. But this book will make you want to read the previous books.

Full Disclosure goes on sale October 2nd-make sure you get your copy to read, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks to Bethany House for this ARC copy for free just for my review.


Jennifer Torres

When it comes to suspense, Dee Henderson is my favorite author. Her books are very well written. She has just the right amount of romance without taking away from the suspense element. Her build up is great. She doesn’t give it all away in the first 3 chapters, but lets the suspense hang and slowly feeds you a tidbit at a time. Full Disclosure is all Dee Henderson. I love the fact that she has pulled in characters from her other books. This is a totally stand alone read, but it makes you want to read her other books. If you have already read them, it’s a delight to see the characters you already know put in an appearance. Ann Silver is someone I would like to have for a friend. And Paul Falcon is so right for her. They are both such strong people, but each has their own personal vulnerabilities. They complement each other very well and are able to support the other one’s strengths and help overcome the weaknesses. Their personalities are just right for this story. There is a lot of patience required in the case and they both have it in abundance. That patience spills over into their relationship which is also an area it is needed. I can’t say more without giving away the whole book. It is definitely a book worth investing in. I highly recommend it to all Dee Henderson fans, and anyone who loves a good story.


Amanda Grace

Dee Henderson is hands down my favorite author. I love the way she weaves suspense, characters you grow to love, a good love story & how individuals wrestle with God into each story she tells. That being said, I have missed Dee greatly the past five years and was honored to be granted an advanced copy of her long awaited release of “Full Disclosure.”I wasn’t sure what to think as I started reading. It took me awhile to be ok with the pace and the way she weaves in former characters during the first several chapters. It had me worried that perhaps Dee had lost her touch, but that changed after the first six or seven chapters. The plot and characters all start to come together and end very well and in a surprising way. By the end of “Full Disclosure” I couldn’t put it down and stayed up until 1 am to finish it.

I loved this book, because I feel that Dee has grown in her writing during her leave of absence. The return of former characters, who seem like old friends, was a strange but nice surprise. If you haven’t read any of Dee’s former books (which you should go ahead and start with “Danger in the Shadows” and the O’Malley series) you won’t appreciate this story as much as her fans, but it is an excellent book worth reading regardless.Welcome back, Dee. I’m anticipating your next books already!


Laura Jackson

I enjoyed Full Disclosure. Here’s a link to my review that will be posted on Amazon, my blog, Goodreads, and


Ellen Rhodes Van Horn

Just finished reading my advanced copy…wow! Dee Henderson is a story teller in a class of her own. I always enjoy the intertwining of God’s lessons with character development. This book was worth the wait!


Alicia A

I have been a fan of Dee Henderson since I picked up “The Negotiator.” I’ve followed her books and watched her writing style morph into what it is for “Full Disclosure.” Henderson has crafted characters that are well-rounded and very real. I am an introvert and in many ways am very much like Ann. Her plotline is well thought out and deep to the point I had to take short breaks to let my brain process what I was reading. By the end of the book, Paul and Ann felt like old friends and the plot kept me hopping until the very end! The twists on this one kept coming! It took me about 100 pages to get used to the way she wrote in the O’Malley’s and I grew to love every minute of it! Her writing seems to get deeper with each book. Definitely a book to recommend to friends and family!


Pam Dic

I just finished Full Disclosure. It was as good as I expected. I love Dee’s books. Always an intriguing read.


Jennifer Jensen

Sometimes the truth about a person colors everything they do. In Dee Henderson’s book, Full Disclosure, the truth starts out looking to be one thing – an elusive killer needs to be caught, and despite years of trying, a new break in the case could turn the whole thing around. By the end of the book, the truth changes form and shape. Surprises abound in this fun, fast-paced, thriller. As Ann Silver and Paul Falcon investigate a killer, something else begins to happen – something neither of them is prepared for.The book sets up an interesting possibility of future Falcon family novels, which would definitely be attractive. I enjoyed reading about Ann Silver – a strong, independent woman whose faith is as integral to her being as breathing. There are times when it seems as though smart women are required to keep their faith at arms length, as though the two things are not compatible. Dee’s story demonstrates that where the world would like to think that a woman can only be single, strong, and smart if she has no faith, faith is actually the best underpinning to a life that doesn’t include a husband.

I’ve been married for a long time, but I like to think that if I weren’t I would be as capable and spontaneous as Ann. I really enjoyed her character, and found myself wishing I could meet her in person. In the end, I recommend this book to anyone who likes thrillers or mysteries. It will keep you guessing and entertained!



Glenda Mills

This book was a slow start for me, I was confused and lost at the beginning with so many things happening. But as I continued to read and figure out the story line, I did enjoy the story and got into the suspense of who done it. :) I did feel there were a coupe of unnecessary scenes in there, such as the dialogue about the ladies neighbor killing her while trying to kill his wife. It just didn’t fit with the story, while I believe it’s purpose was to show what Ann’s job was, it didn’t add anything to the actual storyline.

All in all it is a good read and I would recommend it to others.


Ashley Wintters

This book was an ok Christian Fiction book. Paul Falcon is an FBI agent who has been working a case for years when Ann Silver walks into his life. She passes off a case to him and catches his attention. He determines to get to know her and both personally and professionally she surprises him at every turn.

Let me start off by saying I’m a hardcore Dee Henderson fan and absolutely couldn’t wait for this book to come out. I enjoyed the twists the storyline took and the mystery underneath. The characters and their interactions were what I had issues with. This writing wasn’t what I have come to expect after the O’Malley series and her other works. The romance really wasn’t there either, it was more compatibility and determination. I will buy her next book, no matter what my feelings on this one, and just hope that old ‘flare’ comes back to her writing!!

This was a 3/5. Any Dee Henderson fan will want to read it but for me it just wasn’t the same caliber as her other books. Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


Margaret Kahlmeie

Well Dee Henderson did it again!!! I just love how Dee integrated the O’Malley series in this book, “Full Disclosure” I just love Ann Silver and her code of keeping her friends “private”, and I love the way that she dose not brag to others about her accomplishment which by the way just blow Paul away. I love this story because it has more that one story in it; besides the ones that Dee wrote. I can see and feel the strong ties between Ann and her friends and too keep such a secret for so long WOW. I would love to have all these people in the book as my friends and neighbours, but, that’s the great thing about reading a well crafted story they become your friends and stay your friends even after you have finished the story! Kudos Dee Henderson!!!!


Donna Barnes-Starkey

Finished my ARC of Full Disclosure last night. As usual Dee Henderson has produced another winner in Paul Falcon, FBI Agent and Ann Silver, Midwest Homicide Investigator. I really liked how Paul took time (and was patient) to really know the “real” Ann even while hunting for the “Lady Shooter”. The ‘name change’ was not an issue for me at all and just added another layer of interest to the book. I did figure out a couple of Ann’s secrets before they were revealed in the book (pleased with myself) but the ending totally surprised me. Loved the interaction with her other books and I am re-reading them again. Hopefully it will not be another 5 years before another Dee book.



Ginny Laramore

Wow! What a fantastic book! It is so good to have Dee Henderson back with another interesting and captivating story. I loved getting glimpses of her other characters, I’ve missed them:) The details of the story are fascinating and the story line keeps the reader’s attention to the very end. Another set of characters to get to know and love, thanks Dee!



Debbie WhiteThe first half of the book was very slow, but second half of the book was pretty good. The cases were interesting and involved unexpected twists. The details about the jobs were vivid and interesting. I liked how Paul felt so comfortable talking with God about things.

However, both of the cases that Paul worked on were cold cases where no one was currently in any physical danger. There were spikes of suspense and the cases were interesting, but there wasn’t a high level of sustained suspense.

Also, almost the entire story was from Paul’s point-of-view, and only a couple of Ann’s few point-of-view scenes involved interacting with Paul. Paul was an interesting character and worthy hero, but I just didn’t understand his attraction to Ann. The focus was on all their differences, how to overcome them, and all the sacrifice that would be involved (like she didn’t want children and he did, so he gave up his dream of having children). The interactions were mainly question-based “are we compatible?” rather than immersing us in the emotions of growing to love everything about the other person that is typical of romance novels.While we got to know a lot about Ann, I never felt like I got to know her. For example, I didn’t understand why she went from happy with her life to deciding to risk facing her many fears about marriage (and why did she have these fears?) to enter a marriage where she had to sacrifice so much and gained little additional benefit. (Paul wasn’t going to abandon her if she said no.)As the ARC was written, I came away with rather mixed feelings and no desire to re-read the book as I have Dee’s other novels. Hopefully some of this will be fixed in the final version.


Faith Montgomery Foust

My ARC came in the mail just as I was recuperating from a bout of pneumonia. Perfect timing. I have waited so long for a new Dee Henderson book and it was well worth the wait (although I hope we don’t have to wait as long next time!). This is one of my favorites. I’ve missed the O’Malleys so much and it was fun catching up with a few of them as well as getting to know Paul and Ann. I knew there would be an unexpected ending, and it certainly was. Great story, beautiful characters- simply “Lovely”. Thanks Dee.


Elizabeth Huntley

My review.
I am honestly glad to see on the Praise page that not everyone loved the book. I am in that category. I LOVE the OMalley series and have read them all multiple times so I was ecstatic to get an ARC in the mail!

When I started the book I found it completely unbelievable that Ann would know all of the OMalley family and some of the Uncommon Heroes characters. It was difficult for me to get past the unbelievability of these relationships. As the book continued, the relationships were mentioned less and I was able to better get into the story of the cases being worked and the relationship between Ann and Paul. The book was well written and followed Dee’s pattern of love story intertwined with suspense. I think if I was not so “close” to the Omalley characters I think it would have been easier to get into this book.

I absolutely LOVE Dee Henderson so I will still get excited for her next book. Full Disclosure is one of those books that you just have to read and make your own conclusions.


Emily L. Goodman

I recently received my ARC of Full Disclosure, and I am thrilled with it. It is definitely up to the standards of the O’Malley Books that I love so much, and I love how the characters from older books have been woven so skillfully into the story. It kept me turning the pages until well past my bedtime.


Denise Thompson

Great book! I really enjoyed how you incorporated the O’Malleys into the story! I enjoyed the unexpected ending too! Thanks for the ARC!



Rebecca Allen

This is not your usual Christian romance book. If you are a Dee Henderson fan you know that her books are not fluff, but Full Disclosure raises the bar even for Dee. The mystery plot is intricate, logical and very well researched. But relationship is the real focus of the book. It’s a textbook on how to develop and maintain a real relationship – whether with a friend, a romantic interest or with God. It’s not an easy read but Dee is such a good writer that she keeps your interest. Probably not my favorite Dee Henderson book, but I’ll probably read it again. And again. And if there is a real man on the planet like Paul Falcon I’d love to meet him.


Raina Elfers-Timms


Finally finished my ARC of Full Disclosure and on my second read. As always Dee Henderson writes a wonderfully vivid story with rich character’s and a gripping story line. I really enjoyed Ann, she was very good at her job but also had struggles and issues. I love the way her relationship with the Lord is so personal and deep. Paul was a great fit with his endless patience! It was great to see most of the O’Malley’s and loved the twists and turns regarding them…can’t say to much here:). You will love this book but I think for very different reasons then the others.


Jenice Pearson


Ann Silver likes to tell a good story and she is very impressed when someone can listen without interrupting…. You should do the same as you read the book Full Disclosure the story all about Ann and FBI agent Paul Falcon. Fans of Dee Henderson will find a familiar and yet all together different story. Not everyone will love it, but I urge you to dig deeper and be open. This book can be more than just a good read or diversion. This book has a chance of teaching you about yourself, and about God because the author is willing to develop characters who have real issues, real fears, and real intimacy with God. They are mature and experts in their jobs so they also easily advance an extremely complex mystery. It wasn’t what I expected or even what I hoped for, but I’m so glad it wasn’t. I appreciated the opportunity to read the Advanced Copy and review it. I urge you read it at your first opportunity.


Tiffany Khodabakhsh

This was my first Dee Henderson book. I felt the character development was a little drawn out, but once you get past that, the story really takes off, and becomes a great read! I will be enjoying more Dee book’s in the very near future. I’m interested in finding out about the much raved about O’Malley series.


Constance Smith

Full Disclosure was a great read. Truly enjoyed the relationship between Ann & Paul was very intricate it was wounderfully to see how it worked out. The suspense keep me going until the very end. Thank you for allowing me to read this book. Hope we won’t have to wait so long for another book. Enjoy all of your books.


Lori Hoisington

Finally finished my ARC of Full Disclosure. I enjoyed the way that characters from Dee’s other books were brought into this book. I felt that Anne’s character was hard to get close to, although Paul’s character was easy to relate to. The suspense part of the story will keep your interest with all its’ has twist and turns. I look forward to more stories from Dee Henderson.


Elizabeth Lopez

I just finished my Advanced Reader’s Copy of Dee Henderson’s book Full Disclosure, set for publication on October 2. If you like mystery/romance where Jesus is an important part of the book, don’t miss Full Disclosure. I think it may be her best book yet. It’s definitely sending me back to Dee’s book, True Honor, to review the loosely related story there.

It was so much fun to watch Ann and Paul overcome the roadblocks to their relationship. Anyone who’s read Dee’s books or any books in this genre knows it will somehow work; the fun is getting the characters to that point.

Get this book. You will enjoy the discovery and their depth of character. Then check out Tyndale House’s own blog – not to mention upcoming free ebooks available from them thru Amazon.


Lisa Woods Jordan


‎”Full Disclosure” was worth waiting for though I hope we don’t have to wait another five years for the next book! :-) As soon as I started reading I felt right at home. Ann and Paul are a great couple and it was wonderful reading along and following them as they discovered each other. The suspense and intrigue was real and I didn’t figure it out until the very end! It was great to get little snippets of the O’Malleys lives as well! Well done and worth the wait!

Thanks for the opportunity to read Full Disclosure!


Tiffany Yauger


Dee Henderson’s voice is prominent throughout her newest book “Full Disclosure”; however, her tone has changed. While her trademark plot twists and humor is there, there seems to be a deeper, more intimate relationship and understanding of God which she wishes to impart to her readers. Although the plot line is well crafted and intriguing, the focus would appear to be in the characters relationships with God and one another. My sister observed that one should expect “any hidden issues to be exposed” and that this book will force you to look at yourself and confront issues you may have been avoiding or even been unaware of their existence. This book has personally made me look at my own relationship with God and reevaluate my priorities. Do not expect to be able to read this book in the same way her others read. This is heavier and will take more time to digest. Dee Henderson, congratulations, it’s a masterpiece.



Annissa Esser


The title “Full Disclosure” says it all! Dee Henderson does a full disclosure in this book and it was a great read. She uses her writing prowess to weave a truly beautiful love story and a great law enforcement story along with past characters that we have come to love.

When I received the Advanced Readers Copy from Bethany House, I was very excited and it was hard to put the book down once I started. Ann and Paul the title characters were so enjoyable to learn about and see their relationship grow and change as the book went on.

I truly hope that Dee Henderson does not wait another five years to write another novel. She is one of my favorite authors and each of her books become good friends.



 Lisa Watford

Thanks for the chance to read Full Disclosure! I have been waiting for a long time for a new book. I loved it! I loved Ann and Paul and getting to catch up with previous characters. I love how the relationship grows between Paul and Ann and all of the friends they have in common. I would love to see more of Paul’s family in future books. I will be buying first week it comes out. Dee Henderson I am so excited you are back!!



Ellen Mathewson


Full Disclosure has a very different feel than the O’Malley series, Danger in the Shadows, Kidnapped, The Witness… I found it difficult to get into this one until at least halfway through. At that point, the “well, now I have to know what happens” mindset carried me through to the end. I felt the story was slow to climax and that certain aspects were just weird. I did like that both characters (for the romance aspect) had a deep faith in Christ from the get-go!

To be simplistic, I would give it 2.5 out of 5. Hoping for another book to come behind it with more of that suspense feel we’ve loved from Dee Henderson in the past.


 Barbara Emerson-Lamoree

I recently finished reading my Advanced Reader copy of Dee Henderson’s new novel, Full Discloser. It is an excellent read that begins to draw you in from the beginning. Right from the first chapter you meet old friends from the other books, or are they? Then you get drawn into a cold case that FBI Agent Paul Falcon has worked on for many years. MHI and sheriff Ann Silver gives him one of her cases that suddenly starts things moving on Paul’s cold case. On a personal level, Ann intrigues Paul enough that he starts trying to find out information about her. But for every tiny piece of information her friends (who are also his friends) give him, he realizes that there is even more that they aren’t telling him.
Between his connections (and hers) things start to move on his cold case. But every time he tries to move things between them, something comes up to slow down the development of the personal relationship.
In this story, Dee has done a masterful job of illustrating the kind of relationship that is God’s design for humanity. She weaves the professional lives of the characters through the developing relationship, showing how a new and growing relationship can be when both people involved are more concerned with making the correct and Godly choices.
The revelation regarding the O’Malleys is not one that you see coming, and yet once it’s done, you want to go back and re-read the O’Malley books again side by side with Full Disclosure. While the beginning may seem a little slow at first, it fits with the overall tone of the relationship between Ann & Paul. And as the story gains momentum, Dee’s storytelling style shines through to the end. Please don’t make us wait so long for the next one, Dee!


 Michelle Thompson


Just finished the book! Wow! Love the way Dee pulled in characters from the other books to update readers. Very nicely written and kept me guessing and predicting. Glad you are back Dee!



 Mary Ruthe Fields


Pre-order it now. Pay for one day shipping. Mark your calendar. Make plans to either take the day off after it arrives or to go in late because you will not be able to put it down. Quite possibly the best Dee Henderson Novel ever. EVER!!!

Dee, THANK YOU! What a whirlwind way to meet new friends and get caught up with old friends. Marvelous. Thanks for allowing me to get the ARC. I have already pre-ordered two copies!




Karen Harrison


I just finished reading my ARC.
I felt like the first part of the story line was pretty slow – it took me a while to get into it. The last half was more interesting as the plot thickened. It’s not an “action” type of book – the cases are old and it’s really more about the characters than the case, I felt. The romance aspect to me was a little weird – I don’t want to give too much about the relationship, but sometimes I felt like the guy was more creepy than romantic, even though he was a nice guy.

It is not my favorite of her books, but still a good read. I would suggest reading the O’Malley series again if it’s been a while. You don’t need to, but I feel like it would add to your enjoyment of the book.
Thank you Bethany House for a free copy of this book to review!




 Marguerita Bates


Dee Henderson has done it again. Make room on the bookshelf. I’ve been a fan since her first book and I’ve been intrigued with her work since Danger in the Shadows. I’m now even more intrigued with her writing of Full Disclosure.

The book has faith, believable characters, romance. The story may not have the action some of Dee’s previous books, but it matches the characters personality. Her books always give me something to think about and wish for.

Reading the advance readers’ edition of Full Disclosure was like riding a roller coaster in slow motion, something to savor. The first climb of the roller coaster had me wondering about the twist of characters from previous books. After hitting the first climb, off I went. The story of Paul Falcon and Ann Silver had me riding a wonderful story of twists, turns and loops. The loops were like stories within a story. Reading Full Disclosure was a definite ride to share and go ride again.



Rosie Wilson

Many fans, I’m sure, are ecstatic about Dee Henderson’s return. Personally, I’ve never read anything from Dee before (I’ve been too preoccupied with other books.) which made me excited about reading Full Disclosure.

FBI Agent Paul Falcon has been sitting on a cold case for many years. His lady shooter has just up and vanished– after murdering thirty people. He’d like to find her, yet he has no hot leads…until Ann Silver comes through his door.

As Midwest Homicide Investigator, Ann stumbled across an interesting case. An elderly man was speeding at night in the middle of a bad storm. When she digs deeper, she discovers a connection to Paul’s lady shooter and the chase resumes.My pros and cons for this book are pretty simple. I’ll start with my cons. For me, the beginning was slow, and I mean slow. It wasn’t clear which case was the more important one, and then the instantaneous romantic fluff bothered me. And that was just the first one hundred pages.For pros, I gladly found the last half of the book to be enjoyable and I attached more to the characters. Dee entwines all of her plot points and characters and then things start to make more sense. The suspense level was set high for a while, but it didn’t hold for nearly as long as I had hoped. (Off topic– But there is a particular “fluffy” scene somewhat near the end that warmed my heart and made me smile– but I won’t spoil anyone.)While I liked this book, I was nowhere close to loving it. If you’re a past fan you might find this book more lovable than I did. I give this book three stars.I received this ARC from Bethany House in return for my honest opinions. Thanks!





Cristel Phelps

Dee Henderson’s blockbuster return to fiction, FBI agent, Paul Falcon, is the top murder investigator. He supervises a team of experts in the Chicago office that use high-tech resources and good old-fashioned police work to track down and catch murderers. But even with the best staffing and equipment at their disposal, Paul’s team has not been able to find even one clue that will help them find a serial killer they call the lady shooter. The case has been cold for years, but that certainly does not mean they aren’t still looking.In walks Ann Silver, a storytelling sheriff from a small rural town. Or was she really what she seemed? Either way, the evidence she walks in with catches Paul’s attention and breathes new life into the cold case. His entire team is focused once again on the lady shooter. Thirty murders are a little closer to being solved and justice for the victims and their families is just around the corner.

As Paul walks Ann out of the FBI headquarters, people start coming out of their offices to greet her. She knows them by name and remembers their family members’ birthdays! Who is Ann Silver? Why does everyone know her except Agent Falcon? And to make matters worse, even his family members and friends know that Ann is the FBI’s Midwest Homicide Investigator! She is a cop who gets called in to help local law enforcement on the worst of murder cases when they get stuck and need to find the murderer. Even her security clearance is higher than Paul’s. He is totally intrigued and smitten with Ann, but a lady serial killer needs to be caught first.

The more he gets to know Ann, Paul realizes that she is exactly the woman he has been praying for. As much as he admires her skill and is awed by her professionalism and integrity, he is equally concerned that a marriage with another cop isn’t a good idea. In fact, he said he would never go out or marry another cop! What could God be thinking?

This spell-binding story is full of surprises, especially to anyone who has read Dee’s acclaimed O’Malley series and the Uncommon Heroes series. You will laugh at Ann’s cheeky attitude toward Paul as she presents him with the evidence he’s been needing. You will gasp when you find out who has been protecting the lady shooter. And a smile will spread across your face when you find out who really wrote the O’Malley series!

Be prepared to fall in love with Dee Henderson’s writing all over again, but be very careful where you sit while reading Full Disclosure. You could end up with ridges across your backside from sitting on the edge of your seat!



Joy Newell

I was happy to receive a ARC copy of Full Disclosure. I like the way the story develops. I did not want stop reading. I like that characters from other books are used in this book. I will be recommending this book to my girl. We have enjoyed all of Dee Henderson other books. I really enjoyed Full Disclosure.



Penny Odom Henry

Today I finished reading “Full Disclosure” by Dee Henderson. I would classify it in the genre of Christian romance/suspense. I have read all of Dee Henderson’s prior books and was so excited to hear that she’d written another one. Dee Henderson is one of the best suspense writers of all time, in my opinion.

I must admit that the beginning of this book was not one of her best, but once I got past the first couple chapters it was as I expected- transforming. I love the way Dee incorporated some of her earlier books and stories into this book. As always, her characters pull you right into the story. Being a writer myself, this story really spoke to me and actually brought me back into my craft. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read or write Christian fiction. A special thank you to Bethany House for choosing me to be one of your advanced readers.



Becca Marie Adkins

I finished Full Disclosure a few hrs ago. This was my first time reading a book by Dee Henderson. I liked how Dee went into detail regarding her characters and the investigations. It was really nice to read how the characters made God the center of their lives. What I was not to happy about was how Paul compromised his wanting a family for a woman that was so difficult to get close to. I also new there was more to the story regarding the VP, I just didn’t know what until close to the end and I was truly surprised.



Karen Lovett

Just finished my ARC copy today. I picked it up last night. It was FANTASTIC!!!! I have to tell you that the characters are wonderful. Some great old friends and now new ones too. The plot was classic Dee Henderson, keeping you on your toes the entire time. The love story is so well done. You will not be disappointed. If you have never read her books, you will be hooked, if you have, you will be so pleased.
Thanks Dee!!!! When is the next one coming out? :)



Miranda Huston

I just finished my ARC of Full Disclosure. I was hesitant to share what I really think because it doesn’t match up with most of the other reviewers. There was a previous reviewer who stated:

“If you are a long-time, faithful, avid reader of Dee Henderson’s books, I will warn you, you may not like this book, especially when you start it. I spent a lot of this book straight out annoyed by it and only continued reading since I promised to read it and post my review.”

I hope it’s OK that I quoted another reviewer. This is exactly how I felt. I do greatly respect Dee Henderson as an author and absolutely LOVE her previous books and have read them more times than I can count. This one I am sad to say I have not loved.

Ann’s character seemed too unrealistic and required a lot of compromise on Paul’s part to make their relationship work.It was difficult for me to wrap my head around the “reality” of other characters in the previous books. Characters that I have come to love.

The base plot for the cases they were working on was good. I did appreciate Ann’s relationship with the Lord and how personal it was. It caused me to assess my own relationship with Him and how I can make it stronger.

I feel terrible about giving a less than super-positive review but I want to be honest as I hope everyone else has been. Thank you Dee for ALL your work. I truly respect and admire you!



Louise Bradley Hendley

Dee Henderson has delivered another great book. It seems as if she has only gotten better in the 5 years since her last book. I loved the way she interwove references to those books into this book. It feels as if you finally are getting the full picture of those stories. As to the current book it has the depth and the twists and turns that will keep you reading far into the night. I have always loved how Dee interweaves a person’s faith into her books. This book was no exception. Although her main characters did not struggle with salvation, we get to see the way they worked through their own relationships with God and I was once again pushed to deepen my own walk.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and feel her fans will not be disappointed, and new readers will only find themselves going back to read the initial books while waiting for the next one to be written and released.

Thank you Dee, for using your gifts to honor God, and giving us well written stories that encourage our own walk with God.


Valerie Depue
At long last my wish has come true!!! Welcome back, Dee!!Full Disclosure was absolutely incredible with all the intensity and great characters you have come to expect from Dee Henderson’s writing. I loved getting to know Ann and Paul and yes, I must say it – to hear about some of my old friends from past books!

I think what touched my heart the most was the incredible, intimate relationship Ann had with her Heavenly Father. I loved how she shared that with Paul, even though it took a lot of courage to tell how it got there. And I loved the tenderness of Paul’s response to Ann.

So to all you Dee Henderson fans – circle the day on your calendar and be at your local Christian bookstore the moment it opens on October 2nd! Just be sure to warn your family and friends you will be unavailable for a few hours as you get engrossed in this fantastic story!My only negative comment would be this – the book isn’t even on the shelves yet… so that means we must go back to waiting with anticipation for her next book. (Just make it soon!! :-)


 Jana Sathre

Like so many readers I have waited a long time for a new book from Dee and was thrilled when I learned about Full Disclosure. When I received my ARC of the book I wanted to jump right in but resisted the temptation. I was going on vacation the following week and knew I would have plenty of time to read as long as I wanted to. I’m so glad I waited!
Right away I knew this was not a typical Dee Henderson book. My first reaction was some disappointment but I kept reading anyway, after all I did say I would read and review. My first reaction was “oh no, another favorite author has abandoned all that I loved about her writing” but in true Dee fashion her writing, even though different, still get’s your attention in a way that makes you keep reading. Her characters pull you in, they become your friends and you need to know what’s going to happen to them. Yes, this book is different from what she has written in the past. The fast paced action and drama are not there. Oh, there is plenty of action and drama; it’s just a slower more deliberate pace.
The writing is complex and you have to pay attention and concentrate. This isn’t a book you read with only half your brain engaged (LOL). There are lots of twists and turns with the characters and the story itself. It keeps you guessing. Every time you think all the elements of the story are all there a new surprise comes at you. The characters are mature, they know what they want in a relationship, but knowing if they would be able to accomplish their goals with each other was not a foregone conclusion. Ann and Paul (the main characters) spent a lot of time talking with each other and with God.
The book is full of secrets and slowly they come to light. Some are attention getters, some are shocking but very few are predictable. There are many events and characters and they are intertwined in interesting and unexpected ways; like pulling in characters from her past books, the O’Malley’s and Uncommon Hero’s series. It was great catching up with some of these characters again. The longer I read the more I felt like I was actually reading Dee’s story. My guess is that the main character is the most like the real Dee Henderson then anything she has ever written.
A week after finishing the book it’s still spinning around in my mind. I now know these characters and these events; the writing is so good that I have to remind myself it really is fiction. Even though there are characters from other books it doesn’t matter if you have read them or not. The story works either way. The book is thought provoking and you have to wonder how much of these fictional things are really happening. Probably more than we would want to know, after all the truth is stranger than fiction. If you love Dee Henderson books, then read the book. If you like good romantic suspense, read the book. I hope we don’t have to wait so long for another book from her and I also hope she will continue to write in her old style too.

Pam Wright Burke
She’s back — and what a return! It’s been 6 or 7 years, I think, since the last Dee Henderson book came out. I had the opportunity to receive an advance reader copy of her newest book — Full Disclosure — which is set to release on October 2, and it was worth the wait!Paul Falcon is an FBI Special Agent extraordinaire — calm, cool, collected, serious about his job and good at it. He is also very involved with his family and is in line to become the head of the Falcons’ various business ventures. Paul has decided that maybe it’s time to get serious about marriage, not wanting to be the single guy attending social events at 50.Ann Silver is a Midwest Homicide Investigator, a pilot, an author — among other things. She appears in Paul’s office with evidence and information that breaks wide open a serial murder case he has been working on for years. Paul finds himself interested in getting to know more about Ann on a personal level, but the more he learns about her, the more complex she becomes. Paul’s interest in Ann grows, but he fears he may hit a brick wall as she finds it hard to trust anyone enough to share her deepest secrets. Romance, suspense, and faith abound as you follow Paul’s and Ann’s story. And there are twists and turns that keep you guessing — right up to the very end of the book!
Full Disclosure is a little different from the O’Malley Series (which, by the way make an interesting appearance in this story) and other Dee Henderson books. The suspense is definitely there, but without the typical high-speed action. I found the story spell-binding, though, and didn’t want to put it down until all the questions were resolved.If you’re a fan of Dee Henderson, or if you are ready to meet her work for the first time, I would highly recommend Full Disclosure!
Kristen College

After many years of waiting, I was ecstatic to learn of Dee Henderson’s newest book, Full Disclosure. I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Reader Copy in return for my honest review of the book.

To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this book, but I had high expectations for it (Dee Henderson, after all, is one of my favorite authors). Those expectations were definitely meet. Although there was a slightly different feel to the book, it pulled me in just as quickly as her books in the past have. The characters have a depth to them that gives you a sense that you know them. I was delighted to meet old characters again and gain new perspectives about them, although it would not be necessary to have read Dee’s other books before reading this one. The suspense and romance that are signatures of Dee Henderson’s work were nicely incorporated into the plot. She kept me guessing throughout the book; the earliest I figured anything out was a few pages before it was revealed. Overall, it was a great book, a read that I’d strongly recommend!


Blooming with Books book reviews
Full Disclosure is a book of secrets.
When small town sheriff and Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver finds evidence that’s linked to a cold serial killer case it leads her to case agent Paul Falcon’s murder investigation. When Ann turns over all the evidence with no strings attached Paul is intrigued by this down to earth, unassuming officer.It soon becomes clear that Paul’s re-opening of the case has the Lady Shooter, as she is known, worried. When requests for plea bargaining start coming in in exchange for evidence about who hired her things get interesting at the bureau.When Paul begins asking around about Ann he soon discovers that they share many of the same friends and Ann is even friends with his sister-in-law. The more he learns about Ann the more questions he has about this unique woman. Paul is determined to discover who Ann Silver really is and to win her heart.Ann has captured Paul’s interest and possibly his heart, but will the secrets from her past keep her from giving her heart away?When a second case from the past seemingly comes out of nowhere, what effect will it have on Paul’s serial killer case? And what about this case has Ann so nervous? What secrets from the past will be revealed?

Full Disclosure is an intriguing book and there are some interesting references to some of Dee’s earlier books. Full Disclosure grabs your attention until the very end when the full truth finally comes out.

Coming to your favorite book seller on October 2, 2012!

I was provided with an ARC by Bethany House for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.


Melissa Sampson Harley

Welcome back, Dee Henderson! Your next book was a long time in coming, but it was worth the wait. This was a great mystery and love story that seamlessly combined for a book that I did not want to put down. The mystery had enough twists to keep you guessing until the very end. The love story had endearing characters that you cheer on all through the book. I fell in love with the characters that Dee created to bring the story together. For readers of her previous books, she even brought in characters for some fun reminiscing. I would recommend this book for someone looking for an engaging mystery that you won’t want to put down. I received this book from the publisher in order to provide a review. This is my honest opinion after reading Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson.


Gail Outlaw Hofford

WoW. Finished. This is one book you do not want to rush. Absolutely enjoyed from beginning to the end. I loved everything about this and don’t want to say too much, as I do not want to spoil it for those who are yet to read it. Dee, you did good, girl.


Julie Dunlap Borders

I just finished the ARC of Full Disclosure. Dee Henderson created a superb story and threaded it with favorite characters from previous books. Thinking I would never see them again in new works, I was saddened when I read the last page in the O’Malley series. What a wonderful surprise to see them again as well as friends from the Uncommon Heroes series! Even better than getting a glimpse of old favorites was meeting the new characters–I love the Falcon family and hope we get to see more of them. The plot of Full Disclosure kept me guessing to the end (and up reading when I should have been sleeping).


Jolanthe Erb

Not sure WHY I never read the rest of the Uncommon Heroes, but after finishing up Full Disclosure last night, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered four more books to read. Thank you SO much for another fabulous read, Dee!


Michele Hendrix

I received my ARC copy of the book and was so excited. I could hardly put it down. This book began like a “typical” Dee Henderson book with an bolt of action but quickly it turned to something a little more serious. This was not your typical fast read by no means. The book seems to be a good mix of focus on the plot and also focus on the relationships. There are many twists in the plot to keep you turning the page until the very end. It was like meeting old friends when some of my favorite characters appeared in the story. This book is definitely one to be added to my bookshelf.


Robin McCormack

I just finished Full Disclosure last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have to say I feel like I just had a gourmet dinner with a fine Bordeaux wine and filet mignon. Feel so satisfied and full, don’t want to read anything else.


Brenda J. Bryant

Dee Henderson does NOT disappoint with her new book Full Disclosure. It was so hard to put down. The characters are fully developed and the twist and turns are great. For those who love the O’Malley series, you will be happy at the mention of several characters. Ann and Paul are truely great characters.


Patricia Turner

The long awaited Full Disclosure is well worth the wait. It is a story that will grab your attention from the very first page and will hold you on the edge of your seat page after page as you wonder what the next page will bring, leaving you hanging to the edge of your chair until the very last word is read. Ms. Henderson is indeed the master of suspense and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good murder mystery. The characters in Full Disclosure come alive and carry you through a wonderful maze of twists and turns and they are full of surprises.


Debora Wilder



I found it to be fantastic book to be read slowly and savored rather than raced through quickly and devoured. Dee did a masterful job of fully developing both of the main characters, Ann Silver and Paul Falcon.

There are numerous layers to Ann that are slowly revealed. Reading through the book the development of Ann is like peeling away layers of an onion to see what is next. Worked into the layers of character development is an intricately woven mystery. It kept me guessing as to where it was going and what the end would reveal. Having read all of the O’Malley and Uncommon Heroes series added an extra level of enjoyment to the reading of FULL DISCLOSURE. The only thing missing was an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, action section that Dee’s previous books had. But the enjoyment of the book is not diminished by this.


Lynn Riddick
I received an Advanced Readers Copy of Full Disclosure from  As a HUGE Dee Henderson fan I was thrilled to be able to read it and give a review. Without giving away any of the REALLY interesting stuff here are my thoughts on what make this another Dee Henderson winner (and I can accept that not everyone will agree with my way of thinking)Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson is a book about secrets, questions, trust, friendship, love. After years of silence from this amazing author, Dee Henderson came back with a punch. This book is unlike but very much like her others … try figuring that one out! This book lacks the high action adventure of the other books. But what it gives up in the movement area it makes up for in spades in the dialog and relational areas. Her stories are always deeply thought provoking.In usual Dee Henderson style we have a brilliant story line, a romance that will knock your socks off and twists and turns that keep you intrigued all the way to the end. Paul, an FBI agent, is finally getting the answers to a case he has been working on for years. Ann is coming to terms with the fact that some of her deeply held secrets are finally going to have to be revealed. Learning to ask the right questions is vital to both of these characters as they dig to find the answers of murders unsolved and a future unknown.This book is full of questions and searching. I love it. I finally found a book that allows me to ask and wonder and ponder. As soon as the main female character, Ann, announced that her nature was both “skeptical” and “suspicious”, I felt right at home. What I love about Dee Henderson’s characters is that they are not one dimensional. We, as humans, are a complex people. Shy around some, confident around others. Totally at home in certain environments yet out of our league in others. Miss Henderson’s characters are just as mixed up as the rest of us and I do appreciate her ability to make an introvert into an interesting and acceptable personality trait. The book made me wish we could all be as honest and accepting of our own personality traits and actually recognize who we are without trying to be someone else.

I fully enjoyed the story, the mystery and the gospel woven all through the book. Although I must confess that there are some parts of the story that made me wish she hadn’t done what she did … can’t say more than that or I’ll give it away. Dee Henderson fans won’t be disappointed but they will need to adapt to some “disclosure”.


Jenny Stevens

I have waited for almost 6 years for Dee Henderson to release a new novel and have filled that time with occasionally re-reading her first 14. I even managed to convince the local public library to add her titles to its collection, and anytime someone asks me who my favorite author is-it’s hands-down, Dee Henderson. With that said, I found Full Disclosure to be mind-blowing! There were so many twists and turns throughout the story that no one could anticipate how the story would conclude.

Paul Falcon is the charismatic FBI Special Agent who has spent years searching for the elusive “lady shooter.” Ann Silver is the enigmatic Midwest Homicide Investigator who literally drops the best lead he’s had in almost a decade right onto his lap. From that first meeting, their lives intertwine in ways neither could have anticipated.

An exquisitely written story that captures your attention and never drops the ball. For those individuals who have read Henderson’s other novels, be prepared for one of the most fascinating twists you will ever read. 5+ stars!


Julie Bonafice

I just finished reading Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure. If you have never read a Dee Henderson book, and like thought-provoking Christian Fiction, you should read this book. Dee Henderson is an amazing writer and this book is no exception. If you are a long-time, faithful, avid reader of Dee Henderson’s books, I will warn you, you may not like this book, especially when you start it. I spent a lot of this book straight out annoyed by it and only continued reading since I promised to read it and post my review. I really disliked the first few chapters and felt that it was a little disrespectful of Dee’s faithful readers. So, if you were like me, an AVID fan of Dee Henderson’s books : 1) don’t start this book at bedtime, you may not sleep, and not in a good way. 2) yes, she’s referring to who you think she is… 3) no, she hasn’t made a mistake 4) it gets better, and though you may never like the plot device, you will get drawn into the story. This is still a Dee Henderson book and probably one of her most thought provoking, thrilling and faith filled book that she has ever written.


Barbara Miller Gill

When Dee Henderson decides to give us another novel, she does it in spades! It didn’t take me long to remember why I liked her novels so much. In FULL DISCLOSURE, she weaves in romance, suspence, and surprise. I thought I knew where the story was headed, but in the last few chapters I found out I was wrong. Well, kinda wrong. I loved the way Dee portrayed Ann and Paul and their love for the Lord. It wasn’t gushy, but very realistic. • Without knowing it, you will a lesson in relationships and love. Please, Dee, don’t make us wait another year for the next book. You’ve been missed!


JaNell Stark

Dee Henderson’s books all make for good reading and this one is no different. There was a lot of twists and turns and I did not expect the ending! This will be another Dee Henderson book on my book shelf to read again and again. Well worth the wait! Thanks for the opportunity to receive and Advanced Reader Copy!


Alycia Johnson

I love Dee Henderson’s books. She is an amazing writer. Full Disclosure lived up to all of her previous books. It was a different story from her others but still had the suspense and romance that is classic Dee Henderson! It was different because of the way the suspense played out.

One of the different way’s the suspense played out is one of the main characters Ann Silver is one of the most unique characters I have ever read about and I found that figuring out Ann was one of of the most suspenseful parts of the book. Learning about her alone made it well worth the read. Paul Falcon was also an interesting character and mad a very good main character. Definitely a 5 star book!


Chris Lester Buob

All I can say is “WOW” Dee Henderson I have missed you. I have read everything you have ever written and this one certainly did not disappointment at all. In fact it made me want to go back and read the O’Malley Series and the Uncommon Hero Series all over again. This book is a page turner so be sure you have set aside some time to read because once you get started you will not want to put it down.


Roberta Johnson Valentio-Pullen

Well worth the wait for Henderson’s book. It’s a mystery, it’s a love story, it shows how God is important in your life. Never expected the final twist…….Don’t wait for 5 years before your next book.!!!!!!


Brenda Renee

I just finished reading Full Disclosure, and I must say it was an enjoyable read. It was a very different Dee Henderson novel, not what I have come to expect from her, but still an enjoyable story. I found Ann to be a dichotomy. Between the job she held and her personal life were a vast difference. There were no actions scenes I’ve come to expect from Dee Henderson and the way she used past characters, and changed their history (“Boone” aka Sam’s family used to be ranchers) by saying they were fictional accounts Ann came up with was a cop out way of not having to create new characters. I’m sorry, I did enjoy the story, but was disappointed with a “Dee Henderson” book.


Chaplain Debbie Mitchell
Ann Silver…..strong, yet delicate; determined, yet uncertain
Paul Falcon…..confident, yet cautious; in control, yet flexible
When this Homicide investigator meets this Special Agent, their two worlds collide in ways neither could imagine. Dee Henderson did not disappoint with this newest novel of hers. In ‘Full Disclosure’ she brings together a captivating story that has so may twists and turns, you will find your head spinning! Murder, mystery, intrigue and romance all surrounded by a bubble of faith. For those who have never read any of Dee Henderson’s novels, this one can stand alone. Yet, if you have read her previous novels, Full Disclosure will be a real treat for you!  I won’t give away any of the story, because I do not wish to ruin the fun for anyone. Let’s just say that you will find yourself guessing and second-guessing as you read. You will also find yourself gasping, smiling, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the relationship between Ann and Paul.
I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, a sweet love story and some ‘on the edge of your seat’ twists. Happy reading!
Lilibet King
Full Disclosure is another classic romantic suspense novel from master storyteller Dee Henderson. You won’t know what’s going to happen next, and you won’t be able to put it down.Paul Falcon is a seasoned FBI agent who is working a cold case involving a female assassin for hire. He is also the oldest brother of the Falcon family, and as the story opens, must deal with a murder at the family restaurant, run by his sister Jackie. Ann Silver is a small-town police officer who also serves as the Midwest Homicide Investigator. When one of her murder investigations turns up clues that may lead to the female assassin, she appears in Paul’s office to share what she has learned. As they work together on the case, chemistry develops between them, yet there are obstacles between them. Aside from their jobs and living in different locations, they have different goals in life, and Ann is guarded when it comes to new relationships.Once again, Dee Henderson combines a richly suspenseful story with strong, multi-faceted characters. Old friends from the O’Malley series make appearances, and the bonds of family (natural and adopted), friends and faith create a well-rounded story. If you are already a Dee Henderson fan, you’ll enjoy the inclusion of some familiar faces, as well as a top-notch tale. If you have never read a Dee Henderson story, this is a good place to start.
Kacie Woodmansee
I LOVE Dee Henderson. It can’t really be said any other way. I’m pretty sure I’ve read just about everything she’s published and was very excited to see she had a new book after several years. Full Disclosure comes out on October 2 this year and I was stoked to get an advanced copy to review.Ann Silver is the Midwest Homicide Investigator and travels all across the country helping law enforcement agencies solve murders. She has also made some powerful friends along the way. What originally seems to be a routine car accident in the town where she is acting as temporary sheriff turns out to be anything but and leads her to the office of Paul Falcon, the FBI’s top murder cop.With Ann’s help one of Paul’s biggest cases is about to bust wide open. Even with his hands full working the female murder-for-hire case, Paul can’t help but be interested in Ann and have a deep desire to get to know her better. But Ann has secrets. Big secrets. Can the two work everything out in both their professional and personal lives?Full Disclosure is different from many of Dee Henderson’s books in that it’s not quite as action packed. Because of this it took me a bit to get into the story, but once I did I was hooked. I think if you go into it expecting that then you’ll love it from the very first page. If you’ve read Dee’s other books you’ll recognize many of the characters from her series, The O’Malley’s and Uncommon Heroes, but in a way that you don’t expect. I wish I still had all my other books so I could re-read them but they’re in a good home with a friend now. Paul and Ann were great characters, and you really couldn’t help but root for them. The plot just kept twisting until the very end. It was a great read, and I can’t help but hope for more books from Dee Henderson.

Brenda Hamilton

“Full Disclosure” was worth the half a decade wait! Dee Henderson did not disapoint with the story of Ann and Paul. It will capture your attention from the first paragraph and hold it until the last sentence. For those who have read her other books you will be delighted with how she weaves familiar characters into the story. For those new to Dee’s work you will not feel out of the loop with these characters, but will want to get her other books to read their stories as well.


Lacey ‘Liabenow’ Rumley
What would it cost you to expose all of your secrets to a friend? For most of us, not a whole lot. But for Ann Silver, the protagonist in Dee Henderson’s new novel, it is quite costly. So costly, in fact, that though she’s an upstanding citizen and friend, she also guards her heart and secrets closely.After 5 years of silence from this bestselling author, she’s back! And her new book, Full Disclosure, is coming to bookstores October 2, 2012. Even though it’s been a number of years since I read her work, I immediately recognized familiar characters from her past books. This was both fun and frustrating to me. It’s been so long since I read the other books that it bothered me to remember the names and not remember any of the details. I’m sure I’d get more out of this book if I went back and re-read the other two series that Dee Henderson has written. I struggled with that nagging in the back of my brain for almost the first half of the book, as she was developing her new characters. But then, thankfully, the plot twisted and turned and grabbed my attention, and it became a can’t-put-it-down kind of book. I think that’s why I’ve so enjoyed Dee Henderson’s books in the past. They’re clean, Christian action-romance-mysteries.
This new novel focuses on a murder investigator (Ann) and an FBI agent (Paul) whose lives collide in the midst of a large murder investigation. Of course Ann catches Paul’s attention, and the rest of the book is spent developing the relationship between Ann and Paul while solving these murder mysteries.Another interesting aspect of this book is that Ann Silver, the protagonist, is put forth as the writer of the O’Malley series…a series which Dee Henderson herself wrote. I wonder how much of Ann Silver is reflecting Dee Henderson’s life and heart? I would recommend this book as a good, clean read that you can get lost in for a few hours! My husband and kids are happy to have me back again. :-)

Patricia Turner

The long awaited Full Disclosure is well worth the wait. It is a story that will grab your attention from the very first page and will hold you on the edge of your seat page after page as you wonder what the next page will bring, leaving you hanging to the edge of your chair until the very last word is read. Ms. Henderson is indeed the master of suspense and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good murder mystery. The characters in Full Disclosure come alive and carry you through a wonderful maze of twists and turns and they are full of surprises.
Patricia A. Turner
Author of Shackled Hearts


Vanessa Loewen

Opening the pages of Dee Henderson’s most recent work, “Full Disclosure” was like opening the door to a welcome friend. Her main characters soon felt like old friends as characters from past novels vouched for their credibility. Though subtle, Ms. Henderson weaves together an intriguing tapestry of characters from past novels to put the reader at ease with new characters and gives the reader a much appreciated glimpse and update of their lives. This novel was gripping and intriguing. As a lover of all things mystery and suspense, I was continually drawn into the story, allowed to draw my own conclusions – gratified when my suspicions panned out, but often kept guessing. The scope of personal and spiritual relationships within the novel’s pages encouraged me to evaluate my own view of relationships. Ms. Henderson is a gifted writer, eliciting a roller-coaster of emotional responses. She crafts a novel that appeals to my inner-sleuth, hopeless romantic and eternal optimist!


Melissa Maples Glor

This book was well worth the wait  from Dee Henderson! Full Disclosure is wonderful mix of romance, mystery, suspense and an amazing spiritual element-this book has it all! The characters are interesting and engaging and I love the way she pulls in characters from her earlier books. The plot of this book and the mysteries the characters are investigating pulled me in from the beginning and didn’t let go throughout. I didn’t want this book to end, I’d have enjoyed seeing it play out further. I am truly ecstatic that Dee is back and I look forward to her next stories. Dee never disappoints!


Christie Bartlett

I received my ARC this past week and couldn’t put it down! Dee Henderson did a masterful job in weaving the old and new together! It’s perfect! If this is your first experience reading her books, it will make you want to read her others just to know the characters that make up Ann’s intense circle of friends. If you have read her others, as I have, this book is a wonderful reunion! This book brought back so many good memories of her older books that I am now rereading them for the hundredth time!

I love how deep and how intimate Ann’s character is with Christ and how secure her trust is in Him. It was almost as if I could see past the book and catch a glimpse of the author’s relationship with her Savior. Some authors write to see what could be; others write what is. I believe that Dee Henderson is in the second category when I read of the love, hard work, time, and commitment the characters display when it comes to their friends, family, and to Christ. Great job Dee!


Lynn Hallbrooks
When Ann Silver picked up Paul Falcon on her radar, it was simply part of her job. Paul willingly accepted the information that Ann presented to him, the lead to a an allusive serial killer. Neither of them expected what happened next.Throughout, Paul learns that he and Ann have common connections both professionally and personally. It is through them that Paul learns more about Ann and vice-avers. As events unfold, dormant secrets are revealed at great risk.
Ms. Henderson’s ability to weave busy professionals, romance, mystery, God, and Jesus together in one story is why I love reading her books. In this case, I’d say, she has outdone herself. The way she brings back characters from previous bodies of work and meshing them throughout the story is brilliant. The plot twists and turns keep you guessing until the final reveal.

Sherrill Mays Hilton

I was so excited to get my ARC! I read the book and am so thankful that I got to be a part of the ARC giveaway! The book started a lot slower than Dee’s previous books but that didn’t keep it from being interesting. It is definitely a book that is meant to be enjoyed slowly. The characters are very interesting and I, like so many others, enjoyed seeing some familiar names in the pages. I thought the plot was interesting and the book was well-written. As I have done with all of Dee’s other books, I will highly recommend this one to my friends. I loved the characters and the way they develop throughout the story. I wondered during this book if some of the situations were real-life experiences from Dee herself because they were described so well through the characters’ thoughts and feelings.

Thank you Dee for another great Christian book! I wish you well and pray your writing goes well and we see another book soon! Thank you once again for the Advanced Reader Copy! It will be cherished!


Mae L. Emenheiser

A long five years well worth the wait. Dee Henderson Hasn’t lost her touch. Very well written. It is a book you won’t put down! Full of surprises. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is so nice to see how former characters are woven into this story. A nice love story that reaches into your heart and stays there. Also so nice to read about Having a relationship with God and how Dee’s characters trust in him fully.
Thank you Dee Henderson! Please do keep sharing your gift with others! You are wonderful at what you do! A wonderful book to read! So cool that, I got a ARC. I,never got one before. :D Thank you.


Krisheena Mason
This book is an excellent story, Dee holds true to her amazing storytelling talent. And I loved the story she choose to tell here.This book doesn’t hold as fast of a pace at the beginning as some of her previous novels, however that is doesn’t detract from the suspense or the story in the least. In fact I felt like it added a deeper layer to this story. I like the fact that there’s a longer time frame between big breaks in the different cases and big events, it makes it more suspenseful and gives breaks for some great character development. Reading this story reminded me of the phase “peeling back layers of an onion.” It starts out great, but you don’t really know a lot about the characters and what’s going on and then with each new chapter, you slowly learn about all the layers of the characters and the events. This book also felt different from Dee’s other stories, because it really seemed like she was giving the reader a story with ideas, feelings, and thoughts that were highly personal to her. This really brings me back to the whole reason I fell in love with her stories originally. The life lessons and relationships with God are never forced into the story. It’s always a very real part of the story and never feels like it’s Christianity is being shoved down your throat so it can be “christian fiction”….it’s just a quiet, but important part of life. And she’s not afraid of dealing with tough subjects and with having the “I don’t know” answer in there. And I really respect that, she is literally the first author I read that I was fine with recommending her books to my non-Christian friends.Also, in this story I love the personal character experiences she has the character address. For instance one of the characters talks about being adopted. I was what I like to call half-adopted, my mom’s my birth mother and my dad choose to be my dad. What the character talks about with being an adopted child is pretty close to how what I’ve felt and experience. My favorite moment of that scene was when the character mentioned two birthdays – the real birthday and adoption day. My family did that too.Finally, well I did guess before the end what was going on, I didn’t figure it out until about two-thirds of the way through. And for me, that is amazing that it took that long to piece it together….95% of books that I’ve read I usually know what’s going to happen at the end by the first fourth of the book.

Tammy Furan Fuchs

I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Reader Copy of Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson. Her O’Malley series is at the top of my list of favorite books and I have to say this one has been added to the top also. I enjoyed getting to know Paul and Ann, not to mention revisiting some old friends with an interesting twist. Once I got into the book and saw the two mysteries, I knew they would be linked; however, I didn’t expect HOW they ended up being linked! Great read and I look forward to more from Dee Henderson. I just hope she doesn’t wait another 5 years for the next one!


Amanda McClendon Sellars

I have been a fan of Dee Henderson since I was introduced to the O’Malleys several years ago. I sought out all her books, and fell in love with the characters so much that I’d miss them when the book or series was finished. After 5 years, I was so excited to be chosen to receive an advance readers’ edition of Full Disclosure! And again, Ms. Henderson didn’t disappoint. I fell in love, once again, with the people of her story. From Paul, the FBI agent actively seeking a wife, to Ann, the Midwest Homicide Investigator/small-town sheriff/author who was perfectly content to remain single, and was thrilled to get glimpses into the lives of the characters I’d loved in previous books. Full Disclosure does not disappoint with amazing twists and turns that you just don’t see coming. Even up to the last minute, you feel something in the back of your mind and wonder “what if…?” But when you find out the full scope of that what if, it’s amazing. The way Dee weaves Christianity into a romance and mystery is one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about her books, and with Paul and Ann, we see a different level of faith. She explores their full faith and dependence on God and makes you want to have that relationship with Him as well! Recommending that you read Full Disclosure is not enough. I encourage it! And truly hope we don’t have to wait 5 more years for the next book!


Eileen H. Byron

So many phrases fly to mind as I try to narrow them down to describe my initial reaction to Henderson’s newest novel. Suspenseful, surprising, romantic, faith challenging… In Full Disclosure, Dee Henderson’s newest release, she has outdone herself with masterful storytelling. For readers unfamiliar with Henderson’s previous series: O’Malley and Uncommon Heroes, she easily provides helpful character sketches amidst the mystery. For readers well-versed in her previous works, she warmly reacquaints them with characters, as old friends gathered for coffee and catching up.

Readers of Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure ride along on a journey of case solving and conscience testing. Paul Falcon experiences the challenges and pitfalls of serving God, serving the US in the FBI, and family. Ann Silver lives and writes the harsh reality of being a Midwest Homicide Investigator, enjoys the freedom of flying, and sharing her friends’ lives. A common serial murder cold case intersects Falcon and Silver professionally and common interests, personally.
Can the truth set Falcon and Silver free or draw them into captivity? Do they share their secrets or remain silent when required to speak so justice can be served? What is true and false of Falcon’s and Silver’s personalities, lives, and professional casework remain to be discovered and determined? Can anything beyond friendship between them be possible?


Denise Hershberger

In the past five years I had forgotten just how much I love Dee Henderson’s books! Thank you Dee for publishing Full Disclosure! I just finished reading the book pretty much in one sitting! I love every single one of her books but this one might just be my favorite. I’m not sure if it is because it is the newest book or if it is how she tied so many of her older characters into this newest book, but it was so good I couldn’t stop reading! I loved her character development in this book. Ann and Paul made such wonderful characters and I loved all of the twists and turns in the plot too! I especially liked some of the character traits in the main characters including but not limited to persistence, courage, patience, ambition, compromise, and commitment. I also loved how life wasn’t all easy and comfortable for the characters but it was challenging and required work. I loved the relationship between Ann and Paul from the beginning to the end! Thank you to Bethany House for not making me wait til October to read this book and thank you Dee for another great read that made me want to re-read all of your other books again!


Leigh Powers
Loved this book! I was fortunate enough to get an advance review copy of Full Disclosure sent to me and I’ve been waiting eagerly for the hard copy to finally make its appearance in my mailbox. Don’t worry folks, it was worth the wait.Dee’s books have always been classic romantic suspense, and Full Disclosure is no exception. In some ways, though, this book is more relationship driven than her previous novels. The crime solving and suspense are still very much in play, but I’d say the relationship between Ann and Paul is in the forefront. There’s plenty of twists and turns–and the way Dee brings it all together in the end is fantastic–but the action isn’t as immediate. There’s not a scene like Sara staring into the barrel of her stalker’s gun, or Marcus going one-on-one with a sniper. I don’t think anyone’s going to miss it, but there’s not that sense of immediate peril in this novel. The tension is more to do with unraveling the threads of past crimes and discovering what secrets still need to be revealed.Long-time fans will be delighted to recognize plenty of old friends–Kate, Dave, Lisa, and others make cameos or get mentioned through the pages of this book. If you haven’t read the O’Malleys or Uncommon Heroes series you won’t be behind, but this book may stir your curiosity. Ann’s character is particularly interesting. I’m not normally a fan of authors writing themselves into their books. 99% of the time it just doesn’t work well. Even here, when I figured out I was reading a book written by the author of the O’Malley chronicles about an author who wrote a series of O’Malley books, it kind of made my head spin. After that initial moment, though, it didn’t matter. I’m hoping someone gets a chance to ask Dee more about her relationship to Ann in a Q&A at some point, but Dee’s been open about the fact that Dee Henderson and Ann Silver have a lot in common. My hunch after reading the novel–Ann is her own character, but Dee has used Ann to give us a glimpse into her own writing process and quite possibly tell the story of her own romance.Overall, Full Disclosure is a great read. It’s Henderson at her best–well rounded characters, a nicely paced romance, plenty of suspense. It’s the total package. Christian fiction readers, mark your calendars and put this on your too-read lists: Full Disclosure comes out October 2nd. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher (Bethany House) in exchange for a quality review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I did not guarantee a positive review.

Noreen Taylor

I have been a fan of Dee Henderson since I read her first few books and although it has been five years since she wrote a new book, I felt like I was getting caught up with a family member again. Full Disclosure is suspenseful and intriguing, woven with twists and turns as well as tying in her past characters. There are two new characters we meet and get to know, Paul and Ann; Dee has a way of weaving a plot like a master story teller, which indeed she is. This story is relevant and you find yourself wondering where each twist is going. Her faith comes across loud and clear and shows again that regardless of what the situation is, Christ is there to help us get through. With each book comes a greater story and I hope this will be the first of many new books. I look forward to more of her writings.


Tracy Audirsch Copeland

Full Disclosure is worth the wait! After a 5 year absence Dee Henderson has only improved! Ann Silver and Paul Falcon meet and must find a way to pursue a romance while tracking down a killer. In typical Dee Henderson fashion, you feel emotionally connected to the characters and unable to put Full Disclosure down!


Cindy Garretson Denning

I received my advance reader copy on Monday. The wait is finally over, and none too soon. I love Full Disclosure! Dee Henderson fans will catch a lot of familiar references, and those who are just discovering her will enjoy the twists, turns, and surprises. I was guessing all kinds of endings, but I didn’t guess this one! I like the way both Ann and Paul have their priorities in order, and the plot is taken from what could very well be tomorrow’s headlines. Interesting ethical question, also. Dee, if you are taking suggestions for the next book, maybe Luke and Paul working a case together with Ann and Kate, with some more O’Malleys thrown in? One last comment, the proofreading on Full Disclosure was a vast improvement from the number of annoying errors in previous volumes. Great reading!


April Ratley Lacroix

After an absence of over five years, fans of Dee Henderson’s books will breathe a sigh of relief at the release of “Full Disclosure.” In Henderson’s unique writing style, she draws the reader below the surface and into the depths of each character’s personality and reveals some of the detailed work of “Hurry up and wait” that happens in successful law enforcement.

Ann Silver is a woman who leaves the reader wanting to learn more facets of her personality, as she is not the stereotypical single female who is looking for someone to marry. FBI Agent Paul Falcon is willing to take his time in learning more about this fascinating woman, which made this reader think about how much time, thought and prayer (or lack thereof) goes into preparing for one’s lifelong mate.

I was pulled into the story immediately and, as with most of Henderson’s books, had a difficult time putting it down. I loved the close relationships of the family members and friends, which is a trademark of Henderson’s style. As a reader who has been a fan of Dee Henderson’s books for many years, I can unequivocally say that the anticipation is well worth the wait!


Cat Foster

The long awaited “Full Disclosure” written by Dee Henderson dives right into the heart of relationships in a style that brings the characters, friend, family, God to life. I was able to see the world weaved in the pages and experience the complexity of hard decisions of each character. With revelations and confessions, the story is powerful and engaging. I look forward to adding this to my bookshelf to be read again and again.


Chris Granville

Wonderful book Held you on the edge of your seat. It was great to see God’s love shining through the characters. You will be totally shocked at what twists happen in the book All of the characters are truly believable, It truly showed a beautiful love story, and how much Paul and Ann truly loved our Lord and truly showed it to the people they were around. Amazing Book Amazing Author God bless All of you


Amy Siewert

I was so excited to receive my advanced reader copy of Full Disclosure, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I loved the characters, Ann and Paul, and their discussions about God and their relationships with Him. Dee even brought back some of my favorite characters from the O’Malley series, though without having a previous knowledge of those books, it was difficult to connect how some of the characters fit into the puzzle as information about who they were was handed out in very small pieces. There were several twists and turns in the story that kept me guessing throughout the entire book. And while I suspected a few things (which turned out to be right) I was never entirely sure I had figured out the ending, which I appreciated.


Kristy Homburger

I just finished an Advance Readers’ Edition of Full Disclosure. Congratulations to Dee Henderson for accomplishing another great book. I loved the tie in to the O’Malley series (my favorite from her). She did a great job of incorporating God’s love, romance, and mystery all in one book. I read the book in about a day and a half because I had problems putting it down. While I was able to figure out one or two things about a page before a character figured it out, I never saw the end coming! Paul and Ann are now two of my new favorite characters and I am missing them already!


Jeremie Lariviere

Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure is a fascinating new book coming in the beginning of October. As usual, Mrs. Henderson creates a fascinating storyline, and vivid, engaging characters, then develops them throughout the book in a way that can keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have read the O’Malley books, you will love and be surprised how they are woven into this book. If you haven’t, you have to go read them either before or after this one! I think your attention will be held throughout the entire book, both through the tense political and legal intrigue, and the lighter moments walking the dog and watching the sunset. You will laugh reading about the dog who knows the word ‘steak’, the person with ‘the patience of a sea turtle’; then cringe at the crime scenes and an incident in a storm. Will you hear echoes from your own life when your read about the secrets that the characters have, how they ripple out affecting others? Do you know what to hold onto, when Full Disclosure is made?

Enjoy reading the book!


Bette Sklon

Just received my advanced reader copy of Full Disclosure and could not put it down. It has well drawn characters and great action & suspense. I could not put it down! I have read all of Dee’s prior books and have to say the wait for this one was worth it. Run to nearest store in October, this is a keeper.



Tima Murrell

Special Agent Paul Falcon is delighted to receive more information on a cold case he’s been working for years. But he’s even more delighted to meet the investigator, Ann Silver, who brought him the information. Falcon is deep into a disturbing cold case involving a hired shooter and approximately thirty victims. He certainly doesn’t have time to be chasing an investigator with more secrets than his case files. But that doesn’t seem to stop him. Can the case ever be solved and will he ever gain Ann’s trust enough to learn her secrets?

Henderson has once again delivered an outstanding book. The attention to details and smooth flow of the story line are just a few reasons I enjoyed the book. The twists that pop up even at the end of the book are another. I enjoyed all of the investigative work and cringed at the horrible stories of the victims. But what surprised me was to see so many of the characters from her previous novels and learn how they came to be in the story. I stayed up until the early morning hours because I knew I’d never go to sleep without reading the end. This book was well worth the wait.


Andrea Curtis

First up let me say two things, and then I’ll give my review. 1. This book was provided for free by Bethany books (Full Disclosure Facebook Page) as a review copy.  2. I am a huge fan of Dee Henderson, so I would have purchased this book, and written a review soon after, but I’m super pumped to be one of the few to get it early!!!!

Ok, on to the actual review.

Ann is the Midwest Homicide Investigator, and a very private gal with friends all over the country. She is smart, witty, and travels a lot as part of her job, and just for the joy of traveling. Ann is also a cop for a small town. She uncovers a bit of information that she feels will help the FBI capture a killer. Paul is an FBI agent who is working several cases, including the investigation of a “Lady Shooter”. When Ann shows up in Paul’s office to drop off vital information to help his investigation out, he can’t wait to get started on the case, or get to know Ann better.*If you enjoyed reading Dee’s earlier books, you’ll love getting a glimpse of many of her previous main characters. It was fun to see many of them again!
*In typical Dee style, Full Disclosure is full of detail and emotion!! Because the book is so full of details, and Dee does a great job of setting details for the future, I, personally had trouble a few times following, nothing huge, but I did need to read a few paragraphs over to make sure I understood it before I could continue. (I also read really fast, so sometimes I skip a word or two, and with a Dee Henderson book, that just doesn’t work, because she make every word count!!)
*The ending was a huge surprise to me (I actually said “NO!!!” closed the book, and buried my head, before picking the book back up to finish it ~oh, and needing to explain to my husband why in the world I was talking to my book was kinda funny too ;) ). I would give Full Disclosure a 5 out of 5!!

Emily Strnad

Dee Henderson has long been a favorite author of mine. I loved the O’Malley series and the Uncommon Heroes series (as well as her stand-alone novels) and was eagerly awaiting more. Henderson’s Full Disclosure didn’t disappoint. I was drawn into the story of FBI Special Agent Paul Falcon and Ann Silver. The opening chapter jumped right in to the action and characters. It took me a while to make all of the character connections and a little bit to really get into the plot.

One case comes to the forefront, but then is put on a side burner as the relationship between Falcon and Silver develops. Honestly, I lost interest for a while as Henderson developed the characters without much action on the side. But as soon as a secondary case arose, I was drawn in and I couldn’t put the book down!

Full Disclosure felt a little different than the O’Malleys or the Uncommon Heroes series. It seemed to have less action, since Paul Falcon mostly works a desk job. It focused very heavily on the relationship between Falcon and Silver as they each weigh the pros and cons of a relationship, and the two cases that arise present Falcon with an intense mental game, but not much physical action.

Overall, Full Disclosure was a great book. Its ending had twists and a few unexpected connections. I finished at 1:30 a.m. – there was no way I was putting it down!


Natalie Howell

Dee Henderson’s Full Disclosure is a thrilling read that had me on the edge of my seat. I read it in only a couple of days, and it wasn’t because I didn’t have anything else to do. I just couldn’t put it down. Full Disclosure brought back familiar faces that we know and love and introduced us to Paul and Ann, new characters that she had you loving immediately. There were multiple twists that I didn’t see coming even up to the last few pages. And through it all, she built a beautiful love story that showed God’s love as well as the love developing between Ann and Paul. The next Dee Henderson was long awaited and she did not disappoint with Full Disclosure.


Bethamy Combs

If you have loved Dee Henderson’s books, Full Disclosure will be easily enjoyed as well! Ann Silver and the FBI’s Paul Falcon are a complex pair of characters. Their story is masterly interwoven with the suspense unfolding from the case Ann brings to pass off to Paul at the beginning of the story. An unexpected series of events and cases bring the two of them through ups and downs both individually and together. Overall I would recommend reading this book, especially if you are a fan of Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series.


Melissa Lee

Riveting. That is the book in one word. Dee Henderson is a masterful artist with her words in Full Disclosure and I was enthralled with the story as it unfolded.

This book has depth to it, something I’ve not seen in a lot of books. It is not an ‘easy’ read, meaning you can’t skim the pages and still get the gist of the story. It is a book that captures your attention and keeps it to the very end. You *want* to be immersed in the story – it almost became like I was an invisible person *in* the story. Many times I am left wanting more in a book. More depth of character, more romance, more Christian walk, more *something*. This book filled every area masterfully – I am left with no wants, except for more! ;)Actually, that is it. This book was masterfully written. With you starting from a man’s perspective (Paul) and switching over to a woman’s (Ann), you are fulfilled in seeing the story from both sides. The way she wove in her previous stories and characters was amazing. As another reviewer wrote, you get the sense that you are learning about Dee (as Ann) in the book. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but it is an interesting aspect of a truly fascinating book.I seriously have nothing, absolutely nothing negative to say about this book. Well done, Dee Henderson! Looking forward to your next masterpiece.

Pam Mesaros 

It’s been a long time since Dee Henderson has written a new book. The wait is over and Full Disclosure is well worth the wait. This is a book that you will get lost in as you curl up in a comfy chair. You won’t get too far into the book before you find a nice surprise if you have read Dee’s other books. She weaves characters of her past books into this story. As you read farther into the book you will start to get a sense that Dee might be sharing herself with us in the character of Ann. Dee does a great job of defining the two main characters, Paul Falcon and Ann Silver. They meet when Ann an MHI (Midwest Homicide Investigator) has information on an open FBI case that Paul is heading up. Paul is interested in Ann and wants to pursue a relationship to see where it goes but Ann’s not sure she wants to get involved with Paul. As you read the book and follow along with the FBI case another incident comes to light which brings more investigative work for Paul and his FBI agents. There are several twists and turns to the story and you will have to read to the very end to find out how it all plays out. If you are a fan of Dee Henderson and have read her past books you will not be disappointed in this one. If this is your first Dee Henderson book it’s a great starting point to introduce you to her writing. It’s has been over five years since her last book. Please Dee don’t make us wait that long for the next one.